The Mobsmen

The Mobsmen: Scelerats Syndicate

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Mobsmen

Artist: The Mobsmen
Title: Scelerats Syndicate

Double Crown is proud to release 'Scelerats Syndicate', the debut from the great Norwegian surf combo, The Mobsmen! These masked marauders are set to tear apart the surf music world with their powerful, 12-track debut. Most of the songs are instrumentals, but they sprinkle in a few vocals here and there, so there's bound to be something for everyone. Who would of thought - Scandinavia is the place to be for surf music these days - The Surfites, The Barbwires and now The Mobsmen!

1.1 Chunkje
1.2 Gridiron Syndicate
1.3 We're the Mobsmen
1.4 Similau
1.5 Holy Gold
1.6 Scelerats Avenue
1.7 Cicero Comet
1.8 Tandelborstel Twist
1.9 Flamenco
1.10 Raven Girl
1.11 You Better Tell Me Now
1.12 Moaning Lisa

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