The Modernettes: Teen City-35th Anniversary

The Modernettes: Teen City-35th Anniversary
Title: Teen City-35th Anniversary
Label: Sudden Death
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Twelve inch vinyl pressing. Digitally remastered edition of this 1979 EP release. Modernettes were pop / punk phenoms from Vancouver, Canada-a city Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover magazine claims had the greatest undiscovered punk / new wave scene of the late '70s and early '80s. This is the first time the group's debut release has been reissued in it's original format since 1979. Produced by the legendary Bob Rock in his Post-Punk days, Teen City delivers six classic anthems ranging from the uber-catchy 'Barbra' (chorus: 'B-A-R-B-R-A, Barbra') to the teen-angst-tinged 'Confidential' to the cool of 'Celebrity Crackup.'

1.1 Barbra
1.2 Suicide Club
1.3 Celebrity Crack Up
1.4 Confidential
1.5 Little Girls
1.6 Teen City

The Modernettes: Teen City-35th Anniversary

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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