The Mojos

The Mojos: Everything Alright: The Complete Recordings

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Mojos

Title: Everything Alright: The Complete Recordings
Label: Rpm-Retro

UK collection containing the complete recordings of this well respected Mersey beat act during their career (1963-67). Best known on record for their own song 'Everything's Alright', in part through their own recording being regarded as one of the classic 'Mersey Sound' tracks ever, as well as it making the Top 10, and later through David Bowie covering it on Pin Ups. The complete recordings are bookended by their very first recording and their last. The first made as the Nomads was included on the Oriole LP This Is Mersey beat in 1963, and the last was the previously un-reissued Liberty single as Stu James & The Mojos in 1967. 20 tracks.

1.1 My Whole Life Through (The Nomads)
1.2 They Say You Found a New Baby
1.3 Forever
1.4 Everything's Alright
1.5 Give Your Lovin' to Me
1.6 Why Not Tonight
1.7 Don't Do It Anymore
1.8 Seven Daffodils
1.9 Nothin' at All
1.10 I Got My Mojo Working
1.11 One Who Really Loves You
1.12 Nobody But Me
1.13 Comin' on to Cry
1.14 That's the Way It Goes
1.15 Wait a Minute
1.16 Wonder If She Knows
1.17 Goodbye Dolly Gray
1.18 I Just Can't Let Her Go
1.19 Until My Baby Comes Home (Stu James ; the Mojos)
1.20 Seven Park Avenue (Stu James ; the Mojos)

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