The Needs: Limitations

The Needs: Limitations
Title: Limitations
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Product Type: VINYL LP

Understanding one's limitations and working to transcend them is a path to progress. NEEDS are back with their sophomore album, taking the concerns that come with a second offering and turning them into a hardcore blast of self-reflection. It's an album that is equal parts personal, political and poetic without sacrificing the unrelenting, distorted, angry guitar rock that put them on the map.

1.1 Rock Day, North Dakota
1.2 Everybody Makes Me Steaks
1.3 Sutton Who?
1.4 Stop Getting Second Helpings at the Shit Buffet
1.5 Hot Dogs of the Walt Whitman Rest Stop
1.6 List of Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions
1.7 We're An Art Rock Band
1.8 Rage Against the Miami Sound Machine
1.9 I Wish There Was Something Other Than California Girls
1.10 Endless Idiotic Shots of the Sun
1.11 Eat the Rich... People's Leftovers
1.12 The Decline

The Needs: Limitations

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