The Nematoads: Five Guns West

The Nematoads: Five Guns West
Title: Five Guns West
Label: CD Baby

The Nematoads, a trippy, twangy, five-piece modern surf band from Austin, straddle the line between ´60s retro cool and tall-in-the-saddle Tejas twang. Behind the reigns is guitarist Ted James - the legendary man with two first names - who, in bygone times, led Johnny Vortex and Squid Vicious. The rhythm section stars bassist Mark Brazle, percussionist Jaime Joseph, and drummer George Pestana. George treats his drum heads like the skulls of his arch enemies, pounding them into submission and kicking them while they're down. Mark adds to the melee with his bitchin' sense of groove, and Jaime adds a touch of Latin percussion that gives the band the spring in it's step and the spice in it's chili. And speaking of gas, the Nematoads have a new tiger in their tank: trumpeter Tiger Anaya, a herald of good things to come. The Nematoads' pasta-fueled excursions embody the sound of The Third Coast, the vibe of the street with a 5-o'clock club beat. This is modern surf with a heart that beats all - six-string action blends the classic sounds of the Ventures and Davie Allan & the Arrows with the surf-punk of the Dead Kennedys, the twangy madness of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, and the sonic attack of the Pixies. Of course, we can't forget our Texas roots! Catch the ironic hypersonic wave of the Nematoads live and prepare yourself for a very different type of Austin show. The Nematoads: ´60s surf cool with Texas instrumental rock.

1.1 Deadwood
1.2 Border Run
1.3 Harlingen Shuffle, Pt. 1
1.4 Urban Sombrero
1.5 Five Guns West
1.6 Entrada Del Oeste
1.7 Laredo By Sundown
1.8 Bandera!
1.9 Havana Gila
1.10 Dos Diablos
1.11 Matagorda Bay
1.12 Devil Ridge
1.13 Distant Drums
1.14 Cuero Gold
1.15 Capoburro

The Nematoads: Five Guns West

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