Notwist: Shrink

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Artist: Notwist

Artist: Notwist
Title: Shrink
Product Type: VINYL LP

Back in print for the first time in many years, it's the Notwists classic Shrink LP! Originally released in 1998, Shrink was The Notwists record that set the stage for their groundbreaking Neon Golden LP on Domino. Scanning 50,000+ copies in the U.S., Neon Golden was their first LP to receive wide exposure in America and was given a 9.2 by Pitchfork when it was released but the true Notwist fans knew that Shrink was the record to own. To quote Pitchforks review of Neon Golden Shrink was a huge step into the world of electronic music and sounded almost completely unlike anything else made at the time. Mixing rock and pop with free jazz, old-timey folk, jagged minimalist beats and just about anything else you could toss in, I don't have any problems saying now that the record was ahead of it's time. To top it off, the shame in it all is that very few took notice; their US label went belly up, rendering Shrink virtually impossible to find in record shops these days.

1.1 Day 7
1.2 Chemicals
1.3 Another Planet
1.4 Moron
1.5 Electric Bears
2.1 No Encores
2.2 N.L.
2.3 Shrink
2.4 Your Signs
2.5 0-4

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