The Oldzkool Band

The Oldzkool Band: Afterzkool

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Title: Afterzkool
Label: CD Baby

Afterzkool is Ray Renzi's second album of original songs. His first album, The Ray Renzi Project, released in 2011, featured 10 original songs described by critic Wildy Haskell as "The best collection of familiar songs you've never heard" ... a fitting tribute to the '50s, '60s, '70s feel of the album. Here on Afterzkool, Ray features 17 tracks. While most stay true to the original old-school theme, Ray used this opportunity to also include a few of his more contemporary compositions, plus two blues tracks in the 'Rhode Island blues tradition.' To record Afterzkool, Ray brought back The Oldzkool Band, described as "a uniquely talented group of New England family and friends." In addition, Ray brought back members of the original Bastille, a new horn section and four new featured performers. Turn up the volume and Enjoy!

1.1 Is the Fire Gone
1.2 I Can't Wait
1.3 Talkin' 'Bout Time
1.4 Look Into These Eyes
1.5 Goodbye Mary Lu
1.6 I Want to Let You Know
1.7 Slow Burn
1.8 The Only Thing That Should Be Frozen
1.9 Love Will Find It's Way
1.10 Bossa Nuevo
1.11 Doin' Just Fine
1.12 A Little More
1.13 Tropical Blues
1.14 Smoothette
1.15 Should've Seen It Comin'
1.16 One of a Kind
1.17 Surfin' Turf

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