The Olympics

The Olympics: Party Time

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Artist: The Olympics

Artist: The Olympics
Title: Party Time

Original classic album by one of the great L.A.-based acts who managed to score regional hits on the West Coast by balancing upbeat and often humorous novelty R&B tunes with those about popular dances of the day. Includes the hits "Save the Last Dance for Me" and "Mash Them 'Taters". Newly remastered.

1.1 Mash Them 'Taters
1.2 The Stomp
1.3 Hoochie Coochie Coo
1.4 Everybody Likes to Cha Cha
1.5 Pony Time
1.6 Party Pooper
1.7 The Scotch
1.8 Madison Time
1.9 Save the Last Dance for Me
1.10 The Twist

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