The Orion Experience

The Orion Experience: NYC Girl EP

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Artist: The Orion Experience
Title: NYC Girl EP

Talk about some infectious tunes. The Orion Experience create songs that don't quit, full of stuck-in-your-head choruses, taut arrangements and a slightly acidic lyrical bent that often belies all the poppiness. At times they bear a strong resemblance to the Bee Gees (check out 'NYC Girl'), while basslines often ground the tunes in seventies funk territory. Amid the disco and the pop there's certainly enough rock-god theatrics to go around - several tracks seem like they came from the neon-hued shadows of Sunset Strip circa 1985, only to catapult back into bubblegum singalong territory. It's an odd dichotomy, and one that works every single time.

1.1 NYC Girl
1.2 Emerald Eyes
1.3 Vampire
1.4 Rollercoaster
1.5 Sweet Friend

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