The Pack a.D.: Dollhouse

The Pack a.D.: Dollhouse
Title: Dollhouse
Label: Cadence Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release from the Canadian garage rock duo from Vancouver, British Columbia. Known for their explosive live performances and the ability to generate a massive sound with only two members, The Pack A.D. plays garage rock/pop/punk. Musical styles include garage rock, pop, punk and blues. In the past, reviewers have compared the duo to The White Stripes, The Kills, and The Black Keys. The band slightly evolved away from their raw early sound with their third album, We Kill Computers, and with their 2011 release, Unpersons. Their next two offerings, 2014's Do Not Engage and 2016's Positive Thinking, found them expanding their sound even further with psychedelic rock and rockabilly influences. Both members cite literature and film as huge inspiration for much of their songwriting, especially science fiction and horror genres. These inspirations are also present in their highly stylized music videos, which are often violent and visually striking homages to beloved sci-fi films.

1.1 Woke Up Weird
1.2 $
1.3 Dollhouse
1.4 Thomas Hardy
1.5 March of the Martians
1.6 Not Alright
1.7 Because of You
1.8 Does It Feel Good
1.9 I Tried

The Pack a.D.: Dollhouse

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