The Paperhead

The Paperhead: Africa Avenue

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Artist: The Paperhead

Artist: The Paperhead
Title: Africa Avenue

2014 album from the Indie band. Recorded by the band themselves in bassist Peter Stringer-Hye's Nashville garage and mixed by Cooper Crain, AFRICA AVENUE finds it's groove in it's unabashed melodicism and pop hooks. The band makes no bones of it's affection for 60s and 70s Psychedelia, but AFRICA AVENUE quietly tiptoes around easy comparisons, mutating itself into something more textured and intricate, leaning more towards avant-pop.

1.1 Africa
1.2 Eye for Eye
1.3 Old Fashioned Kind
1.4 None Other Than
1.5 House
1.6 Nasty Girl
1.7 New Trend
1.8 In a Corner
1.9 Mother May
1.10 Frustration

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