The Pink Fairies

The Pink Fairies: Resident Reptiles

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Product Type: CD

Title: Resident Reptiles
Label: Purple Pyramid

2018 release. The legendary UK psychedelic anarchists return with this fantastic album led by founding Fairy Paul Rudolph! Rudolph is joined by former Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey and original Motörhead drummer Lucas Fox, who not only created a killer rhythm section for the album but also added a bit of sizzling biker-rock to the mix! Another Pink Fairies/Motörhead member, Larry Wallis, was with the band in spirit as they churned out an excellent version of his tune "Old Enuff To Know Better!" Pink Fairies was initially active in the London (Ladbroke Grove) underground and psychedelic scene of the early 1970s. They promoted free music, drug taking, and anarchy, and often performed impromptu gigs and other agitprop stunts, such as playing for nothing outside the gates at the Bathand Isle of Wight pop festivals in 1970, as well as appearing at Phun City, the first Glastonbury and many other free festivals including Windsor and Trentishoe.

1.1 Resident Reptile
1.2 Old Enuff to Know Better
1.3 Your Cover Is Blown
1.4 Mirage
1.5 Lone Wolf
1.6 Whipping Boy
1.7 Monkey Chatter
1.8 Apologize

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