The Pioneers: Greetings From The Pioneers: Expanded Original Album

The Pioneers: Greetings From The Pioneers: Expanded Original Album
Title: Greetings From The Pioneers: Expanded Original Album
Label: Doctor Bird

Two CDs. Although the Sydney Crooks-led Pioneers were already veterans of Jamaican music scene when, in 1967, they came to join the small roster of the then rookie producer Joe Gibbs, the vocal trio had failed to achieve any significant success. Within a year, however, they were regulars in the national charts, with significant hits including 'Long Shot', 'Jackpot', 'Catch The Beat' and 'No Dope Me Pony'. In recognition of their popularity both at home and in the UK, London-based Trojan Records released an entire collection showcasing the best of their work to date: Greetings From The Pioneers. Issued on the Amalgamated subsidiary label that had been created as a vehicle for Gibbs's works, the set became an essential purchase for many both in the UK's growing Afro-Caribbean community and among a rapidly expanding young, white working class fanbase. Now, over half a century since his historic release, the collection finally sees release on CD, with it's original 12 tracks augmented by an astounding 48 Joe Gibbs-produced recordings from the period. Included are numerous major Jamaican chart hits and equally obscure recordings from the archives.

1.1 Rainbow Seeker
1.2 In All My Wildest Dreams
1.3 There Are Many Stops Along the Way
1.4 Melodies of Love
1.5 Fly with Wings of Love
1.6 As Long As It Lasts
1.7 Islands in the Rain
1.8 Together We'll Find a Way
1.9 Carmel
1.10 Paintings
1.11 Cannery Row
1.12 A Rainy Day in Monterey
1.13 Sunrise
1.14 Midnight and Mist
2.1 'Carmel' (Continued)
2.2 More Beautiful Each Day
2.3 Voices in the Rain
2.4 Voices in the Rain
2.5 Burnin' Up the Carnival
2.6 Greener Grass
2.7 Eye of the Hurricane
2.8 Dream of Dreams
2.9 Shadows
2.10 Sonata in Solitude
2.11 Bonus Tracks
2.12 Melodies of Love (7" Version)
2.13 Burnin' Up the Carnival (7" Version)
2.14 Dream of Dreams (7" Edit)

The Pioneers: Greetings From The Pioneers: Expanded Original Album

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