The Plungers: Surf Americana

The Plungers: Surf Americana
Title: Surf Americana
Label: CD Baby

The Plungers are a 7 piece surf instrumental group featuring 2 lead guitars, rhthym guitar, baritone and 12 string guitar, six string bass guitar, 4 string bass guitar and drums. All guitars are electric and mostly vintage Fenders. No acoustic guitars or keyboards are allowed. The songs are short (2-3 minutes or less) with well thought out arrangements and production. Intertwining melodies abound with driving rhythms. Tempos vary and a few slow songs are in the mix. The band's main influences are The Ventures, The Astronauts, The Shadows, Los Straightjackets, The Surfaris, Link Wray, Duane Eddy and Slacktone. NEW GANDY DANCER REVIEW ISSUE 74 The Plungers are a great band and always come up with something refreshing whether it's excellent originals or vibrant covers.This set reminds me of the best of The Ventures' sound from the sixties. There's a delicious fuzz and high melodic content on Flaming Arrow for example. And high melody is the keynote between this and thrash instrumental. Their best effort so far, so when's the next set guys? - Davey Peckett PIPELINE INSTRUMENTAL REVIEW ISSUE 67 With their previous CD Guitars Gone Wild, The Plungers showed us that they had an authentic vintage surf sound - although I was left wondering if they had quite enough high quality original material to really convince. I'm far more impressed with this release which boasts several catchy tunes and a more imaginative approach. We kick off with the knockout opener High Plains Surfer, which freely mixes the old west with the old sixties reverb and features a powerful galloping surf rhythm as well as extracts from High Noon and a rather inspired middle section which really builds the tension - super track! The CD concludes with another super track, Unchained Medley, an inspired blending of Somewhere, Tammy and even a touch of Puccini for good measure, the ever-busy three guitar front line landing a powerful emotional punch to make it a fitting closer. Fans of vintage surf should be well pleased with this CD and I feel that The Plungers just moved up into surf division one. Dave Burke REVERB CENTRAL This third CD from Austin's thoroughly unique Plungers. Very high caliber, full of richly arranged and produced recordings, and a pleasure to enjoy. Phil Dirt.

1.1 High Plains Surfer
1.2 Flaming Arrow
1.3 Surfin' Byrd
1.4 To Be Young
1.5 Bongo Beach
1.6 El Toupee
1.7 Runaway Bay
1.8 Black Pool
1.9 Riverside Nights
1.10 Clipper
1.11 Surfopolis
1.12 Wonder Wheel
1.13 Thundercloud
1.14 Hollie Days
1.15 Workin' Out the Kinks
1.16 Unchained Medley

The Plungers: Surf Americana

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