The Primary Lines

The Primary Lines: Petty Lies & Lullabies

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Title: Petty Lies & Lullabies
Label: CD Baby

The Primary Lines, better known as 'TPL', took form when Rich (guitar) and Becker (drums) decided to leave the band 'Static View'. Together Rich and Becker left with a common goal, primarily focused on achieving 'success' and 'respect' from the punk rock scene. Shortly after departure, the duo enlisted bassist Slayden, which enabled them to explore and dabble with more complicated arrangements. The three began to experiment with different sounds, thus developing and diversifying their musical presence and abilities. Some months later, the group again felt it was necessary, in order to expand, facilitate and sustain their collective rapid and creative growth, by adding a lead singer. This endeavor would pose a challenge, as the band at this moment in time, was located in a small town in Indiana where the talent pool reflected the demographic. Utilizing the internet and searching local music posts, they stumbled across a singer (Schwan) whose add had received little attention from noteworthy acts in the months prior. They called him and scheduled an audition of sorts, with the end result of adding Schwan to the mix. The Fallout Effect, as known at the time, recorded a demo and began searching for a replication source. The search produced a band favorite, "Glass Manacle Records." TFOE sent the site an email requesting information about prices and the owner of the company, Steven Scott Everhart responded with a phone call offering them a record deal. He only heard the introduction to the band's demo song "Mafia" and wanted to begin work immediately on a full length release. The next day the band traveled to Toledo, OH for a meeting with Steven, Glass Manacle's president and founder. Shortly thereafter, the parties signed a record contract and their journey began. Glass Manacle Records instantly put the band back in the studio to record the full length. The band also decided to change their name to The Primary Lines (TPL) due to the recent success for another Chicago based band, "FallOut Boy". TPL has released their first full length album under Glass Manacle Records within this short six month relationship. Remember The Primary Lines and Glass Manacle Records because they will define the future of the fast evolving and tech based music business.

1.1 Better Off Before
1.2 Breaking
1.3 M.A.F.I.A
1.4 Here's the Song
1.5 Hello Anger
1.6 Mellodramatic BS
1.7 Bring You Down (Part 2)
1.8 Believe It
1.9 Charm
1.10 Lies
1.11 Postcard

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