The Purple Gang

The Purple Gang: Strikes: 50th Anniversary Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Purple Gang

Title: Strikes: 50th Anniversary Edition
Label: Talking Elephant

Digitally remastered and expanded edtion. Associated with the London psychedelic scene, the band adopted the name, The Purple Gang, when they changed their image to the well-dressed, clean-cut "gangster" style in the 1960s. They engaged Joe Boyd as their record producer, and shared a studio with Pink Floyd as they recorded their first single, 'Granny Takes A Trip' (named after the eponymous shop in the Kings Road). Pink Floyd was making their own first single, "Arnold Layne", at the time. The BBC spotted the word 'trip' in the title and, assuming it to be a reference to LSD, banned the record from their airwaves. Also noting that the band's lead singer at the time (Pete Walker) was nicknamed Lucifer. This special 50th Anniversary release also includes 'Boon Tune', a track that was offered to them by Syd Barrett as he suggested using it as a follow up to 'Granny Takes a Trip'.

1.1 Auntie Monica
1.2 Bootleg Whiskey
1.3 Viola Lee Blues
1.4 The Wizard
1.5 Mr Aldridge Jones
1.6 Granny Takes a Trip
1.7 Overseas Stomp
1.8 Freightliner
1.9 The Sheik
1.10 Rising Sun
1.11 Kiss Me Goodnight Sally Green
1.12 Bonus Tracks
1.13 Carlo's Circus
1.14 Madam Judge
1.15 Brown Shoes
1.16 The King Comes Riding
1.17 Extra Special Bonus Tracks
1.18 Boon Tune
1.19 Boon Tune Acoustic

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