The Queers: Love Songs For The Retarded

The Queers: Love Songs For The Retarded
Title: Love Songs For The Retarded
Label: Rad Girlfriend

The re-issue of The Queers best selling and most popular record, "Love Songs For The Retarded" is here on CD from Rad Girlfriend Records. Sixteen tracks of catchy pop-punk magic, "Love Songs for the Retarded" is the second full-length album by The Queers and between it's vinyl and CD releases; it has sold over 100,000 copies to date. This record is a punk classic that will continue to win over new fans. The album incorporates a similar musical structure as their first album Grow Up, but with more pop driven sensibilities. Even after an 11 year gap between albums, the Queers still haven't grown up, as is evidenced by song titles like "Ursula Finally Has Tits," "I Can't Stop Farting," and "Noodlebrain". "Granola-Head" is an ultra-poppy anti-hippie rant that sums up the band's philosophy. Most of the album alternates between the guitar-driven pure pop craft of songs like "Deborah Jean" and "Daydreaming" and the less melodic, raging punk of "Monster Zero." The catchy pop-punk, Ramones influenced band originally released this masterpiece on Lookout Records in 1993. In 2006 The Queers rescinded their master rights from Lookout! Records signed to Asian Man Records. It got a make-over from Asian Man and the record was remixed and re-mastered to give it a bigger, more up to date sound. Throw in new artwork and you've got a brand new classic ready to be eaten up by the masses. Ben Weasel of Screeching Weasel wrote two songs with front man and guitarist Joe Queer for the album, which are "I Can't Stop Farting" and "Fuck the World". Screeching Weasel later recorded his version of "Fuck the World", which was included on the re-release of their album Wiggle. Over the last 25 years, "Love Songs For The Retarded" has proved to be one of the best and most timeless pieces of pop punk ever recorded. Thousands of shows later, the songs from this record remain a permanent staple on any Queers set list.

1.1 You're Tripping
1.2 Ursula Finally Has Tits
1.3 I Hate Everything
1.4 Teenage Bonehead
1.5 Fuck the World
1.6 I Can't Stop Farting
1.7 Feeling Groovy
1.8 Debra Jean
1.9 Hi Mom, It's Me
1.10 Noodlebrain
1.11 I Can't Stand You
1.12 Night of the Livid Queers
1.13 Granolahead
1.14 I Won't Be
1.15 Monster Zero
1.16 Daydreaming

The Queers: Love Songs For The Retarded

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