The Real Kids

The Real Kids: Real Kids

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Artist: The Real Kids

Artist: The Real Kids
Title: Real Kids
Product Type: VINYL LP

Posh 40th anniversary edition of original Red Star album- remastered by Tim Warren with majestic sound. Gatefold edition with centerfold photo by Roberta Bayley and original LP cover shot by Oedipus. Import.

1.1 All Kindsa Girls
1.2 She's Alright
1.3 Do the Boob
1.4 Roberta
1.5 My Baby's Book
1.6 Rave on
1.7 Solid Gold (Thru ; Thru)
1.8 Better Be Good
1.9 Taxi Boys
1.10 Just Like Darts
1.11 My Way
1.12 Reggae Reggae

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