The Receptionists: Last Letter

The Receptionists: Last Letter
Title: Last Letter
Label: Ba Da Bing

A collection of most, but not all of the songs of this mid-'90s Vassar girl pop group. Some songs old, some new, some never released. Intelligent, visceral and above the ordinary twee.

1.1 You, Me, Sweet
1.2 Green Green
1.3 Dum Dum
1.4 Chills
1.5 Piracy of Saint Philomena
1.6 Stamp Song
1.7 Laundry Song
1.8 Seasonal Affection Disorder
1.9 Berry Stained
1.10 Witch Hazel
1.11 In Love Again
1.12 Swollen
1.13 Let's Go to the Rodeo
1.14 Spradley
1.15 Drinking Fountain
1.16 Soren Loved Regina
1.17 Under the Rug
1.18 Poconos

The Receptionists: Last Letter

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