The Red Krayola

The Red Krayola: Amor & Language

$19.76 $22.98
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: The Red Krayola

Title: Amor & Language
Label: Drag City
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Amor and Language was one of three RED KRAYOLA releases on Drag City in 1995 (two were from the vault: Coconut Hotel and Kangaroo?). After returning to America in 1994 and producing the first Red Krayola record since Malefactor (it was appropriately self-titled), MAYO THOMPSON was producing new Red Krayola material at a prolific rate-Hazel was released the following year. When Amor and Language was in production, the pressing plant claimed to hear imperfections in the CD master. ? Now that it is 20 years since the most recent of the records was issued, it's time for all those who sail the way of The Red Krayola to have a copy to spin again-at going market rates, of course. (STREET DATE - 4/21/2015)

1.1 Hard on Through the Summer
1.2 The Ballad of Younis and Sofia
1.3 Luster
1.4 Al
1.5 T(:Ii)
1.6 A-A-Allegories
1.7 The Wind
1.8 Stil de Grain Brun
1.9 The Letter

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