The Regiment

The Regiment: Come Up

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Regiment

Title: Come Up
Label: CD Baby

Detroit has an expansive history of unique musical creations from the obvious Motown to rap names like Eminem, Esham, Kid Rock, Slum Village, etc, and Slum's musical mastermind platinum producer J-Dilla has inspired a unique movement in Detroit of passionate artistry, soulful rhythms, socially conscious and worldly lyrics, and an overall crowd-moving soundtrack for the hip hop nation. And today, The Regiment has created a masterpiece debut record that speaks to the heart and is undeniably moving. In 2007 the three soldiers, O.S.I., C. Reid, and The Arch-E-Tect (DJ), step onto the national hip hop plateau equipped with brilliant music, guerilla tactics, focus and determination. The album 'The Come Up' takes the listener to the heart of Detroit with tracks like the single "Detroit Anthem" and move the mind and body with tracks like "Stay For A While", "Relax Your Soul", "Shorty" w/ Lyrik Jones along with 14 others. Having been influenced by a many legendary hiphop acts including, Wu-Tang Clan, KRS-One, Black Star, Run DMC, and the late great J-Dilla, the group decided that it was time to make some noise concerning the absence of art. Gaining strong fan bases in their travels, sharing stages with KRS-One, Slum Village, etc, this group is not only about entertaining, but more importantly they are community activists using positive Hip Hop as a vehicle to deliver empowering and prophetic messages to their audience through their lyrics and music. The Regiment is rapidly changing the mental dietary needs of Hip Hop Heads nationwide supplying them with organically grown, true Hip Hop that quenches their thirst and digestively eliminates the hunger pains associated with the absence of this form of art that we have grown to love. Hip Hop should not be confined, confused, nor restricted to a certain area but by all means allowed to move at high velocity as a movement of self expression and creativity. So with all that said, keep your eyes, minds, and ears open for the sounds of truth that the will infiltrate your minds and households coming to you courtesy of THE REGIMENT.

1.1 Intro (It's Time)
1.2 Stay for Awhile
1.3 Detroit Anthem
1.4 Mic Check
1.5 Relax Your Soul
1.6 Club Skit
1.7 The Key
1.8 Keep It Movin'
1.9 ... Are Here
1.10 Through My Head
1.11 Turn the Page
1.12 Chicken Skit
1.13 Headphone Love
1.14 Shorty
1.15 Shit Is Crazy
1.16 Take It Back
1.17 Changes
1.18 Checklist
1.19 Call Me
1.20 Climb

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