The Rock 'N' Rope Warrior: Dinosaur Disco

The Rock &
Title: Dinosaur Disco
Label: CD Baby

The latest release from David Fisher, The Rock 'N' Rope Warrior. 11 upbeat, original, funny songs that the whole family will enjoy! Is 'Dinosaur Disco' a classic? You bet, Jurassic! Guinness World Record Holder, David Fisher, AKA The Rope Warrior has jumped his way into the hearts of millions of fans throughout the world. He has made over 100 national television appearances, and has performed for Boris Yeltsin in Russia and for Presidents Clinton and Bush. Since 1993, David has performed live for over five million school children. So why is The World's Greatest Rope Jumper (According to "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!") writing songs and recording albums? "It's challenging and fun; kind of like solving a puzzle," says Fisher. "The ideas for songs are all around us, every day. Now that I know what to look for, I just have to put all of the pieces together."

1.1 Dinosaur Disco
1.2 J-U-M-P
1.3 Crayon Eater
1.4 Where Did Daddy Park?
1.5 Udder Madness
1.6 Veggie Rap
1.7 When Marty's Mother Makes Meatloaf
1.8 The Alien from Sector 5
1.9 The Baker Who Loved to Loaf
1.10 What's By You in the Bayou
1.11 Naughty, Naughty Norbert

The Rock 'N' Rope Warrior: Dinosaur Disco

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