The Royal We

The Royal We: Royal We

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Artist: The Royal We

Artist: The Royal We
Title: Royal We
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Royal We are six young dreamers from Glasgow who came together in early 2006 to plot and do stuff and hang out in cafes as if in a Jean-Luc Godard movie. Some of them were on their way to university or art school and others were just waiting. Singer Jihae Simmons had come from Los Angeles with an idealized image of Glasgow and how a Glasgow pop group should be. It's fair to say that the other members, Roxanne Clifford, Patrick Doyle, Graeme Ronald, Joan Sweeney and Colin Kearney had their own take on a "Glasgow pop group" but things seemed to coincide and very quickly they'd written a bunch of songs with winning names like "All the Rage". They were fast and they knew they were already pretty good. While the band have become tight with different colors & different musical approaches, their changes have all been good. The Royal We are so pop it's almost over already.

1.1 Black and Forth Forever
1.2 All the Rage
1.3 That Ain't My Sweet Love
1.4 Three Is a Crowd
1.5 I Hate Rock N Roll
1.6 Willy
1.7 French Legality
1.8 Wicked Game

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