The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir: And The Horse You Rode In On

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Artist: The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
Title: And The Horse You Rode In On

Rock's bread and butter is romantic tragedy. It has i nspired pity and poetry, rage and redemption. The latest record from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, takes all those elements, mashes in a little Jarvis Cocker swagger, and spreads on some THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT-era Jam and emerges with something new, crisp, compelling, and incredibly intelligent. Sure, they rock, but they also read. Spin calls Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, "a hug for the downtrodden," and it's true a rollicking, dance-your-ass-off, cry 'til you can't cry anymore hug. Breakups are tough, and life never gets any easier.

1.1 You Go Together
1.2 Stop!
1.3 One Night Stand
1.4 Something's Happening
1.5 I Pretend She's You
1.6 Hope Is Still on Your Side
1.7 Libertyville or Somewhere
1.8 Sixteen Is Too Young
1.9 Praying Is a Heartache
1.10 Save Your Breath
1.11 Castles of Wales
1.12 Ogilvie Station
1.13 ... And the Horse You Rode in on
1.14 Tear Down the Opera House
1.15 Well I Wouldn't

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