The Secret Samurai

The Secret Samurai: Zanshin

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Title: Zanshin
Label: CD Baby

The Secret Samurai strikes back!! Zanshin is the long awaited sophomore release by The Secret Samurai, a high powered surf rock trio from San Diego, CA. Formed in 2005, their music combines Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Latin, and Asian influences with surf rock to create some of the most original and compelling music in the genre today. The trio consists of wiley vetrans of San Diego's independent music scene (including members of Surf Report and Big Tension.) The Secret Samurai have toured the western U.S. and have opened for surf rock luminaries such as Laika & The Cosmonauts, Agent Orange, The Space Cossacks, and Daikaiju. Zanshin is comprised of 13 tracks, 10 of which are original compositions written since the release of their first CD, GUN-SHO-GUN, in 2008. The cover tracks include Haulin' Honda, Carioca, and Takeshi Terrauchi's arrangement of Musume Doseiji!! Zanshin has been in the making for 13 months. The Album was produced by Dave Klein (Agent Orange, The Bomboras, The Ghastly Ones) and recorded at Multisonic Studios. Dave also contributes keyboard and additional percussion on many of the tracks. Witness the shape of surf to come...

1.1 Zanshin
1.2 Turkish Gold
1.3 Truthtrance
1.4 The Martyr
1.5 Raskolnikov's Revenge
1.6 Carioca
1.7 One Armed Man
1.8 Al Ghayb
1.9 Disenchanted
1.10 The Curse
1.11 Haulin' Honda
1.12 Musume Doseiji
1.13 The Khazar

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