The Silver Hearts

The Silver Hearts: Dear Stranger

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Title: Dear Stranger
Label: CD Baby

See Below - Don't ya dare miss it! They meant to rehearse for a one-off gig, but instead taproom troubadour Andre Ethier and the Peterborough roots orchestra the Silver Hearts hunkered down till a new album was born. It's earthy, rough, tumble, and perhaps still in the making, but the result wins the Honest Music blue ribbon for boozy laments and shambling rockers. On The Last Real Poet, in a swerving voice, singer-guitarist Ethier looks for a rhyme for hallelujah. Suggestion: we hardly knew ya -- Dear Stranger, you're welcome any time. - BRAD WHEELER The Globe and Mail, Toronto April 28, 2006 Peterborough's roots-music big band returns with the Deadly Snakes' Andre Ethier upfront, producing an album that plays out like a standard-issue evening in the Old West. The sleaze, the revelry, the tension, the tenderness, the blood, the tears and the tumbleweed are all here, as are the law, the outlaw, the good little lady and the sassy whore. Our hero (let's call him Iggy) is ranting and ripped on whiskey at the saloon, with accompaniment from the house band (which includes a few mariachis, apparently). Sad-sack honky-tonk, knees-up rock 'n' roll spirituals and Southern gothic ballads get the job done right... Lorraine Carpenter Montreal Mirror, Montreal April 27, 2006 After a number of live collaborations, Peterborough's acclaimed gutter orchestra teams up in the studio with Toronto singer/guitarist Andre Ethier. The results are noticeably more cohesive than the Hearts' previous discs, though they lack the gloriously drunken chaos of their early live performances. Much of this is probably due to Ethier's assured vocal delivery -- indeed, tracks like 'Six Shots' and 'New Day For An Old One' are faintly reminiscent of his other act, The Deadly Snakes. But you can't fault The Silver Hearts for growing as songwriters -- it can't be 1931 forever, after all. And tracks like 'Troubled Son' and 'Sweet On You' still have a ghostlike, Tom Waits-inspired charm that transcends genre and stylization. CR Eye Magazine Toronto, Canada 'Their tunes might recall something by a wine-whipped country string band... one moment and then a bluesy-woozy outtake from Tom Waits' Bone Machine the next, and they have no qualms about wailing a teary ballad at the drop of a Stetson. Silver Hearts don't need to wear tin sheriff's deputy badges to set themselves apart. When you travel in a 14-strong posse dressed in matching black suits, you tend to stand out in a crowd.' - Now Magazine, Toronto, Canada.

1.1 Sweet Sweet Heart
1.2 Go Back
1.3 Last Real Poet
1.4 All for You
1.5 Whiskey Blind
1.6 New Pilgrim
1.7 Six Shots
1.8 New Day for An Old One
1.9 Troubled Son
1.10 Roadside Lullaby
1.11 Sweet on You
1.12 Picture of You
1.13 Last Days of Chez Nous

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