The Simian Rebellion: Psynomolgus

The Simian Rebellion: Psynomolgus
Title: Psynomolgus
Label: CD Baby

The debut album 'Psynomolgus' was created entirely by Jeff Stephenson in his home studio. Every note, beat, and tweak is a labor of love. Melodies and rich harmonies mingle with rhythm and transport your mind to new places. The first thing you may notice is this is not your standard electronic formula. The closer you come to recognizing strangely familiar sounds, the further you travel to another world. Each song starts with a feeling. That feeling results in a unique listening and possibly dancing experience. This solid testament to Jeff's love of music creates a warm and exciting atmosphere for any listener. Please enjoy, and thanks for listening. Join the Rebellion.

1.1 Psynomolgus Intro
1.2 Bounceoleum
1.3 Zerbert Alert
1.4 Energy Pimp
1.5 Sky Dunes
1.6 That Phunky Oasis
1.7 Galactic Duster
1.8 Batman 2K4
1.9 Shake ; Break
1.10 The M74 Express
1.11 Test Flight
1.12 Familiar Soil

The Simian Rebellion: Psynomolgus

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