The Sleepover Disaster: Only If

The Sleepover Disaster: Only If
Title: Only If
Label: CD Baby

In the heart of California's Central Valley, The Sleepover Disaster came together out of a reverence for the shoegazer scene of late 1980s UK, and soon developed into a passionate collective with a chemistry that makes songwriting and arranging seem simple and natural. The members of the band played in an estimated 20 bands over several years; this is the band we were looking for. In our nearly eight-year existence, The Sleepover Disaster has played from Seattle to San Diego with bands such as Starflyer 59 (Tooth & Nail Records), Earlimart (Palm Pictures), Kaito (Devil in the Woods), and Radar Bros. (Merge), and recorded two full-length albums and an E.P., as well as contributing to several compilations. An all-new E.P. is due in May, 2005, and a full-length album is planned for late 2005, after a planned move to Portland, Oregon. Personnel: Luke Giffen: vocals, guitar Eric Peters: bass, backing vocals Taron Barefield: guitar Vince Corsar: drums Discography: Cultivation Vol.4 compilation (1999) Only If... CDEP (2000) Staring at Nothing CD (2001) Scene but not Herd Velvet Blue Records compilation Vol. 3 (2002) A Salute to Local Bands KFSR 90.7FM 20th anniversary compilation (2002) Loud is the New Quiet CD (2004) Appendix Sessions Vol.1 Greytank Records compilation (2004) The Oceanographer CDEP (2005)

1.1 Such a Scene
1.2 I Don't Want
1.3 Muddy
1.4 China Dress
1.5 Summers Gone
1.6 Dirge

The Sleepover Disaster: Only If

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