The Sleepover Disaster: Staring at Nothing

The Sleepover Disaster: Staring at Nothing
Title: Staring at Nothing
Label: CD Baby

In the heart of California's Central Valley, The Sleepover Disaster came together out of a reverence for the shoegazer scene of late 1980s UK, and soon developed into a passionate collective with a chemistry that makes songwriting and arranging seem simple and natural. The members of the band played in an estimated 20 bands over several years; this is the band we were looking for. In our nearly eight-year existence, The Sleepover Disaster has played from Seattle to San Diego with bands such as Starflyer 59 (Tooth & Nail Records), Earlimart (Palm Pictures), Kaito (Devil in the Woods), and Radar Bros. (Merge), and recorded two full-length albums and an E.P., as well as contributing to several compilations. An all-new E.P. is due in May, 2005, and a full-length album is planned for late 2005, after a planned move to Portland, Oregon. Personnel: Luke Giffen: vocals, guitar Eric Peters: bass, backing vocals Taron Barefield: guitar Vince Corsar: drums Discography: Cultivation Vol.4 compilation (1999) Only If... CDEP (2000) Staring at Nothing CD (2001) Scene but not Herd Velvet Blue Records compilation Vol. 3 (2002) A Salute to Local Bands KFSR 90.7FM 20th anniversary compilation (2002) Loud is the New Quiet CD (2004) Appendix Sessions Vol.1 Greytank Records compilation (2004) The Oceanographer CDEP (2005)

1.1 Your Gravity
1.2 Over the Top
1.3 Defect Download
1.4 Glide Away
1.5 Strange Crush
1.6 Epic Song
1.7 Elite
1.8 Startime
1.9 Orange Fuzz
1.10 Smash the Window
1.11 Staring at Nothing

The Sleepover Disaster: Staring at Nothing

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