The Sorry Muthas: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3

The Sorry Muthas: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3
Title: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3
Label: Wampus Cat

The Sorry Muthas play more than 35 instruments -- if you include kazoos, spoons, washtub bass and a hand horn--and they tool around the country in a painted-white school bus with bunk beds and Victorian chairs, they play Mutha music, and they can charm the pants off any audience... The Muthas, all six of them live in Minneapolis, and at the drop of a suggestion they'll break into a folksy love song about Hershey bar floors or a low-down gospel screamer by Sister Rosetta Tharp, or they'll twang out a blues thumper or swing into a super funky country song. And they'll talk your ears off with a combination of irony, put-on reminiscence, bold humor or an occasionally serious rap...

1.1 Martha's Tune
1.2 Talking Wolverine 14
1.3 Hitch-Hiker
1.4 Glad to See You Got Religion
1.5 Hesitation Blues
1.6 Freeze to Me, Mama
1.7 Ain't Nothin' in Ramblin'
1.8 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex
1.9 Easy Rider
1.10 Beaumont Clearwater
1.11 Mobile Line
1.12 Get Drunk

The Sorry Muthas: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3

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