The Spiral Band

The Spiral Band: Spiral Band

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Spiral Band

Title: Spiral Band
Label: CD Baby

"The Spiral Band has one of the most unique styles we've heard in a long time. The Spiral Band effortlessly stitches together worldbeat and rock influences with a jazzy feel and flowing vocals. Their self-titled flagship album is a bold collection of lyrical prose and melodic wanderings composed of sounds both international and domestic." As featured on as Buzzworthy New Stars "Imagine if Dave Matthews moved back to South Africa to find inspiration for a new album. After contemplating what really matters in life and taking some elements of the native music styles, including hand-drum percussion and backing vocals that at times sound similar to tribal choirs, that new Dave Matthews album might sound a lot like the debut recording from the Spiral Band. ...... The album's strength is the way it balances it's music and words. Lyrically, the album is gentle, with a recurring theme of love and an introspective and philosophical style. The music feels like a backdrop to poetry, yet it stands on it's own. The results speak more to human truth than individual experience.... The Spiral Band touches on a lot of styles on it's debut. Each track has it's own sound, yet the instrumentation and sequencing give it a cohesiveness and an arc; the record is best appreciated listened to from beginning to end, and each song adds to the one it follows. You could easily imagine The Spiral Band as the opening act on a Dave Matthews Band or O.A.R. tour." From 12-08-2006 Come back to something in life. A fresh perspective and a genuine look at the thing from every angle and viewpoint. We turn and turn it in our hands admiring what is beautiful and making note to carve a new path where one may want to wander. This is the life we've known and lived; each one of us at some time or another. This shouldn't be new for you then: the spirit of reinvention. It's creative youth spiraling to thoughtful maturity. Something began in what seems like a life ago and now seen to fruition in the same spirit of creating to share with others. This is what THE SPIRAL BAND represents. A few twenty somethings taking a dip together in the stream of life now coming to the bands of that mighty swath to survey another swim. What began in Eugene Oregon in 1996-1997 has now been completed in Minneapolis with the help of great friends and musicians from California, Oregon, Illinois, Iowa, Africa, Brazil, Wisconsin, and Minnesota - to complete the Spiral - The Spiral Band.

1.1 Beautiful Blues
1.2 African Skies
1.3 Solace
1.4 Simple Song
1.5 Strong Man
1.6 Tomorrow
1.7 Our Land No Longer
1.8 Turning Tides

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