Sports: Reckless: Expanded

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sports

Title: Reckless: Expanded
Label: Festival

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the Australian band's 1978 album. Features the bands two early hits 'Boys (What Did the Detective Say)' and 'When You Walk in the Room'. and now also includes the band's 1977 debut EP FAIR GAME. Non-LP b-sides and compilation tracks. Two great live sets from 1978 and numerous hitherto forgotten demos. Amongst all this are a number of previously unheard originals and covers! With Sports singer/main-man Stephen Cummings currently in the spotlight again with a new album and as the subject of a new documentary film called 'Don't Throw Stones'. this release provides a timely chance to revisit the seminal early work of an Australian music icon and one of the greatest Australian bands ever.

1.1 Boys! (What Did the Detective Say?)
1.2 Amazon
1.3 Modern Don Juan
1.4 You Ain't Home Yet
1.5 Mailed It to Your Sister
1.6 Reckless
1.7 When You Walk in the Room
1.8 Rockabilly Billy
1.9 Down in Chinatown
1.10 Moon on a String
1.11 I Put the Light on
1.12 True Stories
1.13 Taxi Rank
1.14 Cruisin' in a Citroen
1.15 Nothin' Shakin'
1.16 Right Thru Her Heart
1.17 Twist Senorita
1.18 In Trouble with the Girls
1.19 A Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache
1.20 Boys! (What Did the Detectives Say?) (Nightmoves Live)
1.21 Wedding Ring (Nightmoves Live)
1.22 Who Listens to the Radio? (Nightmoves Live)
1.23 Live Work ; Play (Nightmoves Live)
1.24 Modern Don Juan (Nightmoves Live)
1.25 Rockabilly Billy (Nightmoves Live)
1.26 Mailed It to Your Sister (Nightmoves Live)
2.1 Pipeline/Nervous Breakdown
2.2 Don't You Lie to Me
2.3 Nothing Shakin' (3RMT Version)
2.4 White Honey
2.5 Now I'm Together
2.6 Cruisin' in a Citroen (3RMT Version)
2.7 I Put the Light on (3RMT Version)
2.8 Chain of Fools
2.9 Ubangi Stomp
2.10 Red Hot
2.11 Taxi Rank (Media Sound Demo Version)
2.12 Hot Dog
2.13 Don't Hold Back That Feeling
2.14 From Saturday to Monday
2.15 Ju Ju Man
2.16 Let's Talk About Us
2.17 Tired of Me (Demo)
2.18 Step By Step (Demo)
2.19 Maybe It's Just As Well
2.20 The Big Sleep (Demo)
2.21 Bruises (Demo)
2.22 Missin' Your Kissin'

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