The st. Louis Ocarina Trio

The st. Louis Ocarina Trio: I Believe in Yesterday: Popular Beatles' Songs on

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Title: I Believe in Yesterday: Popular Beatles' Songs on
Label: CD Baby

The Beatles Spirit Some bands enter the scene like a summer breeze, sweep the imagination, and crack open an entire world of musical possibilities. Of all the popular rock bands, none have stirred the music scene quite like the Beatles - a worldwide phenomenon that reflected and defined the spirit of the 1960's. From their early influences - most notably skiffle and rockabilly - to their later embrace of world instruments, the Beatles explored the gamut of genres and sounds. Along with the sitar, the Fab Four regularly included the tabla and the tambura in their repertoire. Yesterday is Here Again Distinctive, whimsical, and one-of-a-kind, the ocarina is a natural fit for many Beatles songs. The Beatles' originality most clearly manifests in their sense of experimentation. The ocarina, as an instrument that has withstood the test of time, is also as adaptable as the imagination of it's player - a perfect vessel for playing Beatles music. So that when you are frolicking about in a field somewhere and "Strawberry Fields" comes to mind, you have just the right instrument of expression. Go on. Experiment. Play: "Close your Eyes", "Fool on the Hill", "Yesterday", "Michelle", "When I get older" on your ocarina. Breathe life into the old, making it new again.

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