The Stereotypes

The Stereotypes: Field of Dreams: The Prelude

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Stereotypes

Title: Field of Dreams: The Prelude
Label: CD Baby

This album is a pre-release of songs from future albums comming soon. Introducing artist 'C Nameless', 'Rebel' and 'The Pope of Castlehill' part of a collective known as the 'Stereotypes' Thank you GOD. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported us and our dream. Thank you to our loved one's, our family and friends, who helped make us who we are. Thank you haters, you remind me how much love matters. Thank you to all the fans. Love you all, and remember to dream. Executive Producer: C Nameless. Co-Producers Tone 456 and The Pope of Castlehill. All production, recording, arrangments, and mixing done by C Nameless for Greenhouse Production. Mastered by The Soundlab at Disc Makers. This album is a product of 'Greenhouse Production'. 'C Nameless' founder, artist and executive producer, working with co-producer 'Tone 456', and artist producer 'The Pope of Castlehill' and artist 'Rebel' have made this album to make their introduction to the music world and share their experiences and feelings with all. The music is Hip-Hop and what other form of music reaches so many ears. Enjoy a mix of all types of sounds and instruments that will explode with melody, rhythm, punch, soul and lyrics that entertain and make you wonder. Greenhouse represents the ideals that love will allow life to thrive. This album 'FIELD OF DREAMS, The Prelude' is just that, a chance to step on the field and live thier dreams and they encourage all to step on the field in their own way. The 'Stereotypes' is the name of the artist and producers working with 'Greenhouse Production'. This album is a pre-release of ten songs from four albums planed to be released over the next year. Albums you can expect are two solo albums from 'C Nameless' and one solo album from 'The Pope of Castlehill' and one album from the 'Stereotypes'. This album was produced independently as The Stereotypes strive to further gain independence and see others do the same. Another example of starting from the bottom, the entire album was produced and recorded in a bedroom and closet home studio setup. As individuals they have little professional experience in the music industry, but together share a lot of passion and are willing to share their creative side of music and explore the individual skills they have developed. They have their day jobs and look forward to making music a primary job. As the team grows so will their catalog, so stay tuned in and witness history in the making.

1.1 Nice to Meet You
1.2 I Love
1.3 Take It
1.4 You Want It
1.5 I See You
1.6 I'm a Fiend
1.7 Back on the Block - Stereotypes
1.8 The Rope-A-Dope - the Pope of Castlehill
1.9 Snatch a Little Something - the Pope of Castlehill
1.10 Victory - Stereotypes

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