Sting-Rays: From the Kitchen Sink

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sting-Rays

Artist: Sting-Rays
Title: From the Kitchen Sink

This "Best of" compilation brings you 26 songs hand-picked by the band, including 6 previously unreleased tracks as well as a "Bananamaen EP" which was recently sampled by Orbitral.

1.1 June Rhyme
1.2 Crusher
1.3 Don't Break Down
1.4 Math of Trend
1.5 Soul Sale
1.6 Escalator
1.7 Hopelessness of the Human Race [Demo Version]
1.8 Joe Strummer's Wallet
1.9 Come on Kid
1.10 Behind the Beyond [Demo Version]
1.11 Dinosaurs
1.12 I Want My Woman
1.13 Save the Tiger [Demo Version]
1.14 Standing in Line
1.15 How Much More? [Alternate Version]
1.16 From the Kitchen Sink
1.17 Wedding Ring
1.18 Pretence
1.19 Go Ask Alice
1.20 Love Me
1.21 Surfin' Bird
1.22 Middle Age Spreads [Demo Version]
1.23 Puppet
1.24 Image
1.25 Satisfy You
1.26 Cover Version

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