The Stingrays

The Stingrays: Not Just Shadows

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Artist: The Stingrays

Artist: The Stingrays
Title: Not Just Shadows

The Stingrays is a fantastic instrumental guitar group from Holland with their own special sound. On this album - Not Just Shadows - there are 21 great guitar songs and is a must have for fans of good instrumental rock 'n roll music.

1.1 Dakota
1.2 Find Me a Golden Street
1.3 Sleepwalk
1.4 Petite Fleur
1.5 Theme for Young Lovers
1.6 My Resistance Is Low
1.7 Sarie Marijs
1.8 A Place in the Sun
1.9 Blue Bayou
1.10 It's a Man's World
1.11 Atlantis
1.12 Nivram
1.13 La Comparsa
1.14 From Russia with Love
1.15 The Lute Number
1.16 Return to the Alamo
1.17 The Frightened City
1.18 Black Swan
1.19 The Last Wave
1.20 Apache
1.21 Dance on

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