The Stragglyrs: Downhill Sunset

The Stragglyrs: Downhill Sunset
Title: Downhill Sunset
Label: CD Baby

The Stragglyrs escape the present and head back to the early 1880s for a psychedelic country-rock musical horse opera about a mail-order bride from Charleston, S.C., who rides a train to join her farmer husband-to-be in New Mexico. Along the way, she meets a dark gambler who threatens to be the seemingly happy couple's undoing. The sound is a unique blend of different styles and musical instruments. On Downhill Sunset, the Stragglyrs have 4 members who swap lead vocal responsibilities and give the listener a wide range of styles. They are: Jim Braly - Guitar, vocals Bill Mishler - Drums, vocals Ken Long - Guitar, vocals Chris Purdum - Bass, vocals, piano, ocarina, trombone The Stragglyrs started in 2000 as a pick-up band playing just for fun, writing their own songs about what they want to talk about. As fan Wade Thomas puts it: 'The Stragglyrs are on their own trip, with their own statements, and exploring their own spaces along with their own family, friends and fans -- a real throwback to what music was about prior to the era of mass marketing of artificial stardom.'

1.1 The Biscuit Rides Again
1.2 Drag You Down
1.3 Westbound Train
1.4 Wonders of Nature
1.5 Angel Fire Honeymoon
1.6 Maple Sugar Morning
1.7 Kickin' Around
1.8 Gone to Me
1.9 Gilded Cage Calypso
1.10 Bitter Mirage
1.11 Down the Road
1.12 No Regrets
1.13 Dead in Durango
1.14 Sirius Solstice
1.15 Downhill Sunset

The Stragglyrs: Downhill Sunset

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