The Strand

The Strand: The Strand

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Artist: The Strand

Artist: The Strand
Title: The Strand

On their only LP, this L.A. band full of top-tier West Coast musicians (some of whom backed Boz Scaggs) were produced by their friend Jeff Porcaro of Toto. His production and the songs and arrangements here are outstanding; it's a surprise that this didn't catch fire. Includes I Like It Like That; Long Hot Summer; Frustration; Dirty Little Girl; Rock It Tonight, and the rest of the original 1980 release! Rock Candy.

1.1 Rock It Tonight
1.2 Long Hot Summer
1.3 I Like It Like That
1.4 Just a Little More Time
1.5 Prisoners in Paradise
1.6 Stay Away from My Girl
1.7 Frustration
1.8 Children of the Night
1.9 Dirty Little Girl
1.10 Can't Look Back

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