The Strange Boys

The Strange Boys: The Strange Boys and Girls Club

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Product Type: CD

Title: The Strange Boys and Girls Club
Label: In the Red Records

2009 release. Austin, TX's The Strange Boys evoke a wild-eyed, porcelain-skinned innocence that is capable of summoning the wayward spirit of Brian Jones. The mystery of the South couples with the mastery of rhythm to create a sound completely timeless and familiar, yet absolutely raw and avant-garde. Greg Enlow's syncopated, organ-driven grooves hark back to the Seeds pushing too hard while guitarist Ryan Sambol's voice wavers beyond comparison. Older brother Philip Sambol keeps the pulse with the aptly named Matt Hammer, who unmercifully pounds an old Ludwig set.

1.1 Woe Is You and Me
1.2 They're Building the Death Camps
1.3 Should Have Shot Paul 4. MLKS
1.4 MLKS
1.5 This Girl Taught Me a Dance
1.6 For Lack of a Better Face
1.7 Heard You Want to Beat Me Up
1.8 No Way for a Slave to Behave
1.9 Poem Party 10. to Turn a Tune or Two
1.10 To Turn a Tune or Two
1.11 Most Things
1.12 A Man You've Never Known
1.13 Then 14. Who Needs Who More
1.14 Who Needs Who More
1.15 Probation Blues
1.16 Death and All the Rest

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