The Subjects: Thistles in the Soul

The Subjects: Thistles in the Soul
Title: Thistles in the Soul
Label: CD Baby

Formed in 1998 in Los Angeles with the sole purpose of jamming with friends, no one had any idea a band would be born. Their first name was 'The Digglers,' named after the character Dirk Diggler from the movie 'Boogie Nights,' only used to book rehearsal time. They eventually agreed on 'The Subjects' as the band name, taken from one of Echo and the Bunnymen's b-sides, 'the subject.' They went on to rehearse, write and contribute the song 'Desperation' for Tru Rehearsals' compilation CD 'Live Bands In The House Vol. 1.' Vocalist Alex Serrano quit the band thereafter and the remaining members went their separate ways. Bassist Mario Inzunza continued playing with his punk band Psychosexuals, while drummer Val Garcia auditioned for other bands. Guitarist Romeo Pestanas, Jr. joined Fullerton-based goth band Stone 588 and has recorded with them for various compilations, most notably 'Conversations With Chaos,' a song used for a compilation tribute CD to H.P. Lovecraft. The Subjects were on hiatus until they met drummer Jorge Arambula, an old friend of Inzuna's and Pestanas.' The three had played together a few years back. Garcia moved over to do vocals and the band was now complete. The band's sound is reminiscent of early eighties post-punk British bands, although each member have a wide variety of influences. Their song structure is unique but simple. Each song evokes a different feel, but all are atmospheric in some way ranging from slow moody tones to sonic blasts of noise. Hypnotic bass lines and driving drums carry the songs, while a wall of guitar feedback creates the setting. The vocals address the issues at hand with madness and chaos. Due to musical differences, the band is no longer in existence.

1.1 New Beginnings
1.2 Where Are You?
1.3 Desperation
1.4 Faith
1.5 Nowhere to Turn
1.6 Something Worthless
1.7 Chasm (For Rowland S. Howard)
1.8 New Ends

The Subjects: Thistles in the Soul

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