The Surftronics: Greatest Hits

The Surftronics: Greatest Hits
Title: Greatest Hits
Label: CD Baby

This is the debut album from The Surftronics. This album is the perfect mix between cool surf vibe and post-war happiness. Short bio notes: Playing drums in a surf band is like second-nature to Martin Lapierre who learned to play on The Ventures albums. 'I feel like I'm an oyster in my shell' he recently declared while interviewing himself!! Before receiving Love Gun at Christmas, François Bruneau was already deeply influenced by a K-Tel surf compilation and The Ventures Play Batman Theme album which, he thinks, forced him to switch his carreer plans from chef to guitarist.

1.1 Lem Ride
1.2 Carousel of Progress
1.3 Beef from Outer Space
1.4 Apache
1.5 Sea Horses
1.6 Drive-O-Gringo
1.7 Frankie Goes to Shish Kebab
1.8 Oyster Blues
1.9 Desert Planes
1.10 Cactus Revolution
1.11 Gator Spy
1.12 Submarine
1.13 Paddleboard Boogie
1.14 Heartbreaker-Loving Maid

The Surftronics: Greatest Hits

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