The Sylvers: Showcase / New Horizons

The Sylvers: Showcase / New Horizons
Title: Showcase / New Horizons
Label: Soulmusic.Com

Remastered 2-on-1 collection that houses the full albums SHOWCASE (with the #1 single "Boogie Fever") and NEW HORIZONS (with the top 20 R&B hit "Any Way you Want Me")

1.1 Cotton Candy
1.2 The Roulette Wheel of Love
1.3 Boogie Fever
1.4 Storybook Girl
1.5 Ain't No Good in Good-Bye
1.6 Free Style
1.7 I Can Be for Real
1.8 Clap Your Hands to the Music
1.9 Keep on Keepin' on (Doin' What You Do)
1.10 Ain't Nothin' But a Party
1.11 New Horizons
1.12 Dressed to Kill
1.13 Lovin' Me Back
1.14 The Party Maker
1.15 Take a Hand
1.16 Any Way You Want Me
1.17 Another Day to Love
1.18 You Bring the Sunshine (Back Into My Life)
1.19 Charisma
1.20 Star Free

The Sylvers: Showcase / New Horizons

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