The Talking Heads

The Talking Heads: Name of This Band Is Talking Heads

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Artist: The Talking Heads
Title: Name of This Band Is Talking Heads

The long-awaited CD debut of the band's acclaimed 1982 double-LP Live Anthology, now expanded with rare and previously unreleased Bonus material.

1.1 New Feeling
1.2 A Clean Break
1.3 Don't Worry About the Government
1.4 Pulled Up
1.5 Psycho Killer
1.6 Who Is It?
1.7 The Book I Read
1.8 The Big Country
1.9 I'm Not in Love
1.10 The Girls Want to Be with the Girls
1.11 Electricity
1.12 Found a Job
1.13 Mind
1.14 Artists Only
1.15 Stay Hungry
1.16 Air
1.17 Building on Fire
1.18 Memories (Can't Wait)
1.19 Heaven
1.20 Psycho Killer
1.21 Warning Sign
1.22 Stay Hungry
1.23 Cities
1.24 I Zimbra
1.25 Drugs (Electricity)
1.26 Once in a Lifetime
1.27 Animals
1.28 House in Motion
1.29 Born Under the Punches (The Heat Goes on)
1.30 Crosseyed and Painless
1.31 Life During Wartime
1.32 Take Me to the River
1.33 The Great Curve

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