The Tallboys: Rubber Dolly

The Tallboys: Rubber Dolly
Title: Rubber Dolly
Label: CD Baby

The Tallboys are a four piece old time string band based in Seattle, WA. Well versed in traditional fiddle tunes and mountain songs, The Tallboys perform their music with driving rhythm and soaring melodies. They are honest to their traditional inspirations, yet charge up their sound with a raw edge of gritty enthusiasm conjured from their years of street performing. Talented vocalists, The Tallboys all share the singing and harmonize to create a beautifully authentic old time sound. The instrumental line-up begins with Joe Fulton, from Iowa, who has been playing since boyhood. His impressive fiddling leads the melody. Charlie Beck, from Indiana, plays both clawhammer and three-finger style banjo and brings over a decade of musical experience to the band. He is also a talented songwriter, creating several original compositions. Longtime musician John Hurd, from Oregon, lays down that driving bass foundation essential to The Tallboys� rhythm. Charmaine Slaven, from Montana, fills out the sound with solid rhythm guitar and is one of the best clog dancers on the west coast. She has the unique ability to clog and play guitar simultaneously. Together, they blend the attributes of each instrument and vocalist, creating a cohesive sound.

1.1 Rubber Dolly
1.2 Old Bunch of Keys
1.3 Paddy Won't You Drink Some Cider
1.4 Jenny in the Cotton Patch
1.5 Train on the Island
1.6 Debuque's Hornpipe
1.7 Cotton-Eyed Joe
1.8 God Don't Like It
1.9 Bonaparte's Retreat
1.10 Pike's Peak
1.11 Raleigh ; Spencer
1.12 Comin' Up the Pike
1.13 Rockingham Cindy
1.14 Drunken Hiccups
1.15 Boatin' Up the Sandy
1.16 Big Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm

The Tallboys: Rubber Dolly

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