The Tangerines

The Tangerines: Tangerines : Turn on the Light

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Artist: The Tangerines

Artist: The Tangerines
Title: Tangerines : Turn on the Light

The third full length album from the Swedish power pop duo. Here we get 16 refreshingly concentrated songs, many of which clock in under two minutes. The band may take a few delicate steps into new musical territories, but over all this is pure pop with all the B's on board. Sunshine for our ears.

1.1 Turn on the Light
1.2 It's Alright
1.3 Once in a Lifetime
1.4 Girls' Girls' World
1.5 Sitting in the Greenhouse
1.6 She
1.7 She's So Fluffy
1.8 Everyday a Drama
1.9 How Does It Feel
1.10 Don't Get Lonely
1.11 Waiting at Her Door
1.12 Late
1.13 Heartbeat
1.14 Up the Country
1.15 Love You Still
1.16 All Through the Years

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