The Teknoist: Trainwreck Magnetism

The Teknoist: Trainwreck Magnetism
Title: Trainwreck Magnetism
Label: Ad Noiseam

The Teknoist is back, and he has a posse: Drum corps, King Cannibal, Mu-Ziq and others.

1.1 Siege of Antioch [The Teknoist's I've Got 2 I's in My Name Remix]
1.2 Dead Unicorn
1.3 Aragami Style [The Teknoist's Boygrinder Bazooka Remix]
1.4 Spheres of Fury [The Teknoist's Dreilide Thrace Redux]
1.5 Tears and Fruit Cocktail
1.6 Prototype for a Ninja Nekromaniak
1.7 Danimal
1.8 Box of Dreams [The Teknoist's Box of Nightmares Labotomy]
1.9 Down ; Rodigan Vs Alien [The Teknoist Reckons Rodigans Gonna Go Down Me
1.10 Kitsunegari
1.11 My Sugar Ape (Moses Like This One)
1.12 Nekrologik Antham [The Teknoist's Gawdziwwa Remix]

The Teknoist: Trainwreck Magnetism

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