The Toasters

The Toasters: Live In Sao Paulo, Brazil 1998

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Artist: The Toasters

Artist: The Toasters
Title: Live In Sao Paulo, Brazil 1998

This release is probably best described as a "Best Of", of live fan favorite tunes. With songs such as "East Side Beat", "Mona" and "Talk Is Cheap" all played with great intensity during the 1998 Toasters line up. Jack Ruby Jr. Is in top form as the fresh new "toaster" singer in the band. An essential Toasters collector piece and all around awesome live record.

1.1 Fire in My Soul
1.2 Underground Town
1.3 East Side Beat
1.4 Ploughshares Into Guns
1.5 Rude Rude Baby
1.6 Friends
1.7 Thrill Me Up
1.8 Mona
1.9 I Wasn't Going to Call You Anyway
1.10 Talk Is Cheap
1.11 D.I.T.B.G.Y.D

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