The Tomorrows

The Tomorrows: Jupiter Optimus Maximus

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Artist: The Tomorrows

Artist: The Tomorrows
Title: Jupiter Optimus Maximus

Propagating in the verdant paradise that is Vancouver, BC, Canada, 'The Tomorrows' are Marc Stewart, Scott Fletcher, Tony Kerr and Adrian Buckley. Using tools and techniques from past ages and marrying this with their skills, invention, and souls, these four gentlemen are creating a sound that is of this moment. Expect flights of melody and space travel whimsy welded to a pumping steam engine core as The Tomorrows create a soundtrack for the now.

1.1 Effortless Lee
1.2 Love Is Dead
1.3 Ballad of a Lesser Man
1.4 Jupiter Optimus Maximus
1.5 Don't Worry About Me
1.6 Such a Shame
1.7 Pity Her
1.8 There's Something Wrong
1.9 Anime
1.10 Goodbye
1.11 Remember

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