The Tower of Light

The Tower of Light: Tower of Light

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Artist: The Tower of Light
Title: Tower of Light
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Beaming it's sleep-walking sound from a bedroom in Brooklyn, The Tower of Light deals in the marriage of polarities on his self-titled 2014 debut album. At once delicate and severe, ecstatic then pensive, both sparse and lush, it follows a road that was paved by the early days of 4AD and it's strange, beautiful diversity, while making unexpected stylistic detours as it winds it's way through the ether.

1.1 Cap Grass
1.2 New God
1.3 Honey Resist
1.4 The Visitor
1.5 Glass Body
1.6 Lightnet
1.7 Carrier
1.8 Wish

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