The Traynham Family

The Traynham Family: Merry Mountain Hoedown

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Artist: The Traynham Family
Title: Merry Mountain Hoedown

There is nothing as pleasing as an airtight old-time stringband and a family band is the tightest. The Traynhams are as airtight as they come both with their instrumentals and vocally. They also have great taste. They've chosen most of the material here from sources near their home in Southwest Virginia, beautifully rendering some quite rare regional gems as well as local settings of better known pieces. Not only is the playing skillful, they have an obvious love for the regional music and traditional playing styles, yet they have fully made it their own. Kerry Blech musician/historian.

1.1 Rich Mountain
1.2 Carroll County Breakdown
1.3 Pearly Blue
1.4 Cuckoo Bird
1.5 Pretty Little Girl
1.6 Poor Orphan Child
1.7 Merry Mountain Hoedown
1.8 Shady Grove
1.9 High on a Mountain
1.10 Long Tongued Woman
1.11 Sweet Grapes
1.12 I'm Gonna Cling
1.13 Last Chance
1.14 Halifax
1.15 Banjo Tramp
1.16 Wait Til I Put on My Robe

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